Cradlepoint 5G 企業解決方案

Cradlepoint 發表業界第一個企業級 5G WAN 解決方案,並也與相關各國主要電信商開始合作 5G 數據通訊,如: AT&T , Telstra 等等。




Cradlepoint 5G 能為企業做什麼?


固定地點 臨時地點 車載應用 物聯網
 * Primary wireless for large sites
 * Failover beyond critical traffic

 * High-performance cellular SD-WAN

 * AR-enabled marketing
 * Fiber replacement
 * Industrial 4.0 with private 5G
 * High-capacity pop-up sites
 * Robust store-in-store connectivity

 * Proximity marketing

 * AR applications for construction sites
 * VR-enabled industrial and military training
 * HD video streaming
 * Command and control

 * Video offload

 * High-capacity healthcare diagnostics
 * Autonomous driving for agriculture
 * Multiple in-vehicle applications
 * Robust Smart City applications
 * AI-enabled image recognition

 * Immersive and interactive kiosks

 * Real-time digital signage
 * Proximity sensors


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現行 Cradlepoint 5G Solution 的部署可以"於 Cradlepoint Router 連接 Cradlepoint 5G Adapter "或是"透過第三方 RouterCradlepoint 5G Adapter 連接"來達到。 


Full Cradlepoint Deployment


Third-Party Router Deployment


通過 Cradlepoint NetCloud 構建和交付

Cradlepoint NetCloud 是一個以服務為基礎的平台,範圍涵蓋雲端到移動邊緣,讓您能夠在投入更少資源的同時,更輕鬆的使用無線廣域網路的部署、管理和拓展服務。

5G Differentiation Throughout NetCloud


Captive Modem



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