Offer you scalable solutions to any WiFi event 



In this day and age, Internet is a basic need in our life. Create WiFi access is the most convenient way to the temporary events. Generally, basic networking facilities are unable to provide high-density and stable internet access in large conference venue. However, WiFi access has its own features and high efficiency, we can also assist our clients do marketing promotion, being more interactive and competitive.


When you planning the event, have you ever think…  

  • Whether the environment provides WiFi service?
  • Whether the WiFi is adequate for the participants?
  • Whether the SSID is agree with the theme of the activity it reveals?
  • How to deploy WiFi access in an outdoor venue?
  • Whether the WiFi service is in combination with marketing promotion?



  • We will take responsible for all the WiFi Rental Service.
  • Our WiFI Rental Service includes on-site network design, deployment and management.
  • Allows you to build a high efficiency WiFi access at any venue, indoor or outdoor.
  • Keep your important event and your participants away from any WiFi network failure.




We offer flexible solutions to any WiFi event. We rent plug and play WiFi hotspots for events with hundreds of participants. If you are planning a large-scale event, InterWave can deploy a custom high-density wireless network. Our WiFi Rental Service includes on-site network design, deploy and manage by our work team. We have responsibility to keep your important business event away from any WiFi network failure.

If you are interested in our WiFi Rental Service, please do not hesitate to contact us, InterWave can provide a solution to meet your needs and budget.



  • eSports & Gaming Events

  • Live Concert & Entertainment

  • Educational Training

  • Trade Show & Exhibition

  • Conference Presentation

  • Festival Events

  • Conference Presentation

  • Disaster Assistance Center

  • Temporary Events



1.         Provide fast WiFi Rental Service, no extra supplies purchasing.

2.         Deploy a custom high-density wireless network in a large-scale event.

3.         High-speed deployment within 15 minutes.

4.         Flexible movement without space limitation.

5.         Reduce time cost and competitive price.

6.         Specialist service at the event.

7.         Setting WiFi Network with a Captive Portal and Branded Splash Page.


We can provide varied additional services to meet your needs

1.         Live webcast service

Provide live webcast services to all over the world.

2.         Live video service

Capturing event process and CCTV, keep your visual record of the event.

3.         Make your own event app

Stimulate participation and interaction with your attendees.



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to get more information, and we will do our best service.




We focus on providing WiFi, 4G LTE network solutions to enterprise and organization. We distribute many world well-known network communication brand products and devote to sales channel support. InterWave has considerable deployment experiences and take part in wireless (WiFi) network planning and execution in many universities, companies and government activities.